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Acne maidstone kent

Acne maidstone kent?

Acne maidstone kent – Tackle acne and spot prone skin with our amazingly effective high frequency treatment.

Our acne treatment, works by applying a low level electrical current to the treatment area, the oscillating current generates activated oxygen that kills acne-causing bacteria from underneath the skin.


How does acne maidstone kent work?

Clinical test results of high frequency have clearly illustrated that improvement in cell oxygenation, increased circulation and natural exfoliation help to kill acne-causing bacteria.

acne treatment maidstone

acne treatment maidstone

There are two ways to treat acne maidstone kent with high frequency. The first one is known as sparking.

The electrodes will pass through the skin without touching it. This causes sparking between the electrode and the skin. The sparks will combine with oxygen to form ozone.

This will introduce oxygen to the bacteria colony on the skin, this bacteria will consequently die if it does not have enough carbon dioxide.

The second method is a direct contact. The rapid oscillation in the electrodes create a thermal effect. This improves blood circulation and dilates the blood vessels. Thus, toxins can be eliminated faster

A recommended 6-10 sessions is required to see maximum results. Leaving a one week gap between each acne maidstone kent treatment 

We focus on results and customer satisfaction, which is why we only use the best available equipment and protocols available within the industry.

All of our staff have been trained to the highest of standards, above and beyond the minimum levels needed to carry out our treatments


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