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Milia removal maidstone kent

milia removal maidstone kent

milia removal maidstone kent

What is Milia removal maidstone kent?

Milia removal maidstone kent –  are milky spots that form because of fat deposits. You may think milia are filled with puss. However, this is not the case. They are like fat deposits where your skin can’t breathe and where excess oils become trapped.

These white milk spots are not a result of inflammation or clogged pores. In fact, they have nothing to do with your pores, but are actually caused by a buildup of keratin under the epidermis, or the top layer of skin.

Some people are genetically prone to developing milia spots but they are most often caused by the use of skin care products and cosmetics that contain heavy oils, particularly mineral oil or lanolin. Milia has also been linked to a high cholesterol diet or excessive Vitamin C intake.

Milia removal maidstone kent

Electrolysis milia removal is where a tiny electrolysis needle is inserted and the current is applied. This procedure is repeated over the whole surface area of the Milia. When performed a ‘popping’ sensation is often experienced and seen as the needle pierces the keratinised centre of the Milia. 1 – 3 days later a tiny crust may form which must not be removed but left to drop off.

Electrolysis Milia removal maidstone kent is quick, easy and desiccating the contents of the milia using electrolysis is by far a more effective, gentle and safe method allowing them to be absorbed into the body with no extraction. As electrolysis was invented by an ophthalmologist for in-growing eyelashes over 100 years ago, it is perfectly save to use around the eye area allowing milia on the eyelids and even between the eyelashes to be treated perfectly safely..

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