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Here’s what others are saying:

real value for money. This place has unearthed a gap in market. Only downside their available appointment slots, other than that splendid.

– veroni
Visited Oct 2012

Booked through their website, which is not exactly the esaiest of processes. Apart from that the clinic is great! Iv had 8 treatments of IPL very happy.

– Katie
visited Sept 2012

Fingers crossed the high freq treatment works for my acne… iv alwayz had em and just want ot get rid! had three sessions and can see a little difference, better than everyhting else iv been trying…. so going to keep going.

– Philpahantly
Visited Nov 2012

Good price, good results, bad parking, bad bookings

– Hayley
Visited Feb 2013

Very happy with the results from hair removal, have had 6 sessions on legs, the hair is patchy in some places but 70% has gone. Probably likely to have another 2 or three sessions.

– Instra
Visited Feb 2013

Had the skin rujuventation (?) at this clinic. Very happy with results, my crows feet have almost flown away!! Fab!

– Neena
Visited Sept 2012

Place is ok, not as great as people are making outto be, but the treatments and staff are! 4/5!

– Espanda
visited July 2012

Hi guys, would just like to say thank you for the treatments and of course for putting up with me (not going to share what I mean in public though)! The clinic is fabulous! The staff are very good at what they do and in my opinion are the best I have seen for a long time, very professional and always happy! See you again soon

– Mary
visited Aug 2012

This is a highly recommended clinic, they seem to be doing everything in the right way as it should be done. Very professional, clean and thorough. Surprising they have maintained a high standard with such competitive prices, usually in my experience you get one or the other but rarely do you get both. One of a kind.My only area of concern would be the lack of refreshments and magazines avaiable in the waiting room.

– Hatchet
visited Nov 2012

How lovely you were with me. service at this clinic is second to none

– Susan
visited Sept 2012

Very difficult to reschedule bookings when cancelled, phone calls rarely answered

– Daily55
visited March 2013

Came to this est on the back of a recommendation from friend of mine. Very good choice must be said. It is obvious they are busy, but my feeling is they are because of honesty. He told me that IPL hair removal on my upper lip was not worth spending my money on as i have many white hairs, as well as dark ones, and apparently ipl doesnt work on white hair. started Ipl on underams as a result!!! Honest[p

– Miguel
visited March 2013

This clinic is in a good location, good prices, and good staff.

– Mel
visited Jan 2013

Very pleased with the results of the hair removal. I was recommend a minimum of 6 sessions on the bikini area, and after 8 treatments the hair is on its way to being fully reduced

– Aemillia
visited April 2013

This place is not an easy place to be in if you have a tight schedule that needs to be adhered to. I have been here a few times now and have been left waiting for a previous treatment to finish, even through i was on time. very frustrating.

– ellenpittal
visited April 2013

The microdermabrasion was pleasant and cleared my skin after 4 treatments. Not as scary as the name may suggest

– Lisa
visited April 2013

Hi skin care, we would like to thank you for talking to us. Really helped with the advice!

– susan lean
visited March 2013

Just could not fault a thing x

– DeeliaS
visited April 2013

Mother in law told me about the company, thought id give the skin rejuv a go. Not yet seen any results after 2 sessions, but the clinic is really professional, telling us everything we needed to know before booking in

– Almaduncan12
visited May 2013

After becoming a member of this clinic, my daughter and i have all good things to say. They treated us very well, unlike some other place we have recently been to, where they almost talk down to you. The initial consultation was a little rushed we felt, but they made up for this with the treatment. After my 6th session, i can see good results on my legs, but not the case with my daughters face, as she has around 2/3 of the hair remaining. The clinic is very clean

– Lianne-suddes
visited May 2013

9 sessions of IPL on my bikni and i still have some hair there. It is painful, despite what everyone says

– Tina1minster
visited June 2013

Really enjoyed my microdermabrasion treatments here, i have had many done in the past, so i knew what to expect, but you seem to get alot more for your buck here! As per the title, would not go anywhere else.

– Gregglawson
visited June 2013

I have been trying to rebook my appointment now for many weeks. Please can you call me ASAP

– Adam6654
visited July 2013

So i have been going here for about seven months now, the people are professional. The results of my acne sessions are great. Have just started laser on my bikini area so i cant really comment on this. Will be back on in a few months to let you know

– Bear11
visited Aug 2013

Do your research before you go into this place, or any other place for laser hair removal treatments. I had been talking to this company for a while before i booked in for laser treatments, and not once did they ask me my skin colour! When i turned up for my treatment i was turned away, as they said they do not perform the treatment on afro caribbean skin types. I am not complaining because they did not do the treatment on me, i am just very upset that they failed to mention this when speaking with me prior to my appointment. I had to take time off work to fit the appointment in, only to be told they cannot do the treatment.

– Dominq
visited Aug 2013

In my experience when dealing with aesthetic based clinics, they lack in either professionalism or customer service. Im happy to say that this company lacks in one thing – fragrance!

– Sharad
visited Aug 2013

Hi, i do not really like to write bad things about others, so i will just say that the only downfall of this clinic, is the lack of available of appointments, but more importantly in accessibility to actually change appointments and make some, due to the lack of a receptionist.

I will however say the results from the hair removal are really good after 7 times so far. My sisters friend, is also having hair removal here and she also has had good results.

– melljeff29
visited June 2014

My husband bought me a voucher for a dermabrasion facial. Since i have started their eye treatments, having 4 treatments so far and am happy with the results, the saggyness appears to have been improved, however its not fantastic! will be having another 2 or 4 sessions and will re post with results.
The salon itself is very clinical and appear to be doing things correctly. Looking to book for hair removal soon, so will be sure to post some feedback.

– Jadereed
visited Oct 2014

Poor poor poor!!! I bought a voucher for my wife. However upon redemption the man could not find the serial number and near enough refused to accept that i had been in and paid. As if i would try and cheat them out for free treatments! He eventually gave in. I would not expect this from a place like this, needless to say we did not book in for further treatments.

– Elliott-king
visited Oct 2014

I am yet to see the resuts of the ipl treatment, so cannot really say much about the effecitveness of them so far. I have been recommened bys soem friends, who go to the london no vello branch and are happy. Hopefully me will be the same. x

– cDowns
visited Oct 2014

I was a little disappointed, as turned up the my appointment early but had to wait outside until the time of my appointment, i understand that its always busy but its not nice to have to wait. On the plus side, the microdermabrasion i have been having for the past few weeks have really made a difference to my skin, its feeling so smoother and my pigmentation marks have nearly gone. I have started IPL on the underarms, its not painful, however can feel a little uncomfortable at times. The results are to be seen, as i have only had 2 treatments. Very nice and clean

– cDowns
visited March 2014

I had my first three sessions and everything was fine, however on my fourth session there was some redness after the treatments, the therapist said this was normal and would go away. This has indeed subsided, however i am a little apprehensive about going in for the next session in a few weeks time. Having said the hair reduction has been good so far, just a little concerned about the side effects.

– mMsmall1
visited Sept 2014

I’ve had ipl hair removal and it’s very good. If you compare it to electrolysis (v painful) or waxing for the rest of your life! then it’s the only solution – only its a long process. There was no charge for the patch test here

– vantengo
visited Nov 2014

I have used eye creams before, and the only thing that happens is my skin gets irritated. In recent years, I’ve definitely noticed my skin going downhill and really getting wrinkled. I started using a clinique eye cream, because it seemed like it was the only affordable thing. However i couldnt see much difference. As a last resort, i came to this place for their eye bag treatments. Within 6 sessions my smile lines and sagging skin under my eyes have really improved and I definitely feel and see a big difference.

– tuesdayH
visited Nov 2014

IPL Hair Removal
This treatment is just so amazing and I am very happy with the result. It is far much cheaper than the Reef where I was planning to go before I found the leaflet for this company on high street.
Glad that they opened one affordable and reliable clinic.

– Shusma
visited Dec 2014

Deep pore facial
Why are you guys closed during this time I really wanted this facial before New Year’s Eve. Very upsetting that u r closed but I must say that this is best facial I have ever had in my life.
You should be open during Christmas time, I am sure loads of people would want to treat themselves with the services you provide on this special occasion.

– Katie-B-
visited Dec 2014

Great place and great prices!

– Kimblee
visited Jan 2015

After being recommended by my doctor, for the IPL skin rejuvenation treatment i researched and found this clinic. They are very good and the results so far have been great.

– ElleenPatel
visited Jan 2015

There are many places that i researched before visiting them this clinic, i thought that the prices were too good to be true, however i have been very surprised with the results and services offered. I have recommended to my close friends and they have all agreed.

– vantengo
visited Jan 2015

I was slightly worried before I booked my treatment as I have been having regular microdermabrasion at another local salon. However my treatment has been fantastic, far exceeding my expectations! The therapist was courteous and congenial. More importantly she was extremely knowledgable about the various treatments, what would and wouldn’t be of benefit to me, and i have now started what they call laser skin rejuvenation treatments and the results have been amazing!

– SamanthaMilard
visited Jan 2015

I come this clinic because of der prices, not expect a lot but very happy with every thing. nice staff

– Abjarring
visited Jan 2015

I was treated with professionalism and skill throughout my visits here. The staff greeted me warmly on each occasion. I wholeheartedly recommend this clinic to anyone considering it. I was EXTREMELY nervous just considering having laser done on certain areas but now am so glad I went through with it.

– Tesssharpe
visited Feb 2015

Great experience! The dermabrasion was great my skin felt smooth. Could not find much fault apart from the front door step which i almost fell from!!

– jamesarting
visited Feb 2015

Amazing therapist, with a very warm personality ! Laser treatments have worked very well on my underarms, the bikini area is taking more time but have noticed a good difference!

– alexisju
visited Feb 2015

I cant complain with the treatment results or price, but the clinic is almost impossible to get hold of when needed! you have to leave a message all the time.

– tinasoray
visited May 2015

I have always had great service here, very warm and welcoming therapist

– alice000
visited May 2015

Sometimes it hard to get good advice, but they told me the truth from day one. Its ended up that i never needed the treatment that they offered….. although i was willing to pay and try this treatment, the lady insisted i would be wasting my money! V

– Tompsont1
visited June 2015

Impressed with the deep pore facial. Felt entirely relaxed thought the treatment almost to the point of falling asleep lol

– glossyglam
visited June 2015

I echo the thoughts, the clinic is good, but very difficult to book and even rebook your appointments! After leaving two messages this time round they did respond.

– spanavets
visited June 2015

Fantastic Laser Clinic, therapist is very professional and put me at ease during my appointments from the start. My results have been fantastic and I constantly recommend her to everyone. I also love the cream that she recommended me to use, my skins never felt and looked so good. THANKYOU x x

– Bchase
visited July 2015

After a bad experience with my first underarm laser over a year ago at a different salon, I finally plucked up the courage and booked myself in with them, as I’d heard good things about. They didnt dissapoint ….. very friendly, professional and reassured me. I cannot stress enough how proffessional they are

– flickerabb
visited Aug 2015

seeing good results… recomened

– danthasamanatha
visited Aug 2015

A highly professional service. They is a credit to this industry and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the acne treatment. I am extremely pleased with the results of the treatment I have had and am looking forward to more.

– eline
visited Sept 2015

I have been suffering from acne, my lil sis recommended me to this place! So happy with the results! very good prices and the lady working there is superb

– startingjames
visited Sept 2015

Lovely Clinic, good location and great staff that made me feel at ease. Would recommend to others for laser hair removal. Extremely professional the clinic is immaculate and well organised. The staff were very informative.

– dantha
visited June 2015

Its an ongoing treatment over a number of weeks, but so far, its going fine. The price was exactly as quoted. Staff respond to emails really quickly, and have been very helpful when I’ve had to change appointments due to hospital appointments coming along.

– smithe_dd
visited Sept 2015

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"Very refreshing to see people doing these treatments the correct and proffessional way!! Well done"
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